About Us

Absolute Victory is a project dedicated to the subject of fetish wrestling and sexual domination as its extension. Our videos are focused on both the competition, as well as the power-play dynamic that is inherent to the activity. The wrestling itself is a blend of freestyle wrestling, pro-wrestling and submission grappling. You can read more about the rules of wrestling and the outline of the videos in our FAQ.

This website is owned and operated by Alternative Entertainment s.r.o, the owners of Fight Pulse. We are a VAT registered business operating out of Prague, Czech Republic. By interacting with and buying from us you are dealing with a trusted business with over 5 years of experience in video production and video-on-demand services.

If you would like to become an Absolute Victory wrestler, or would like to order a custom video, or for any other inquiry, please contact us through the contact form.


Due to the nature of some the BDSM practices that we film, we pay utmost attention to our models during the shoot. All practices are engaged by our models in the videos in a consensual way. Models can stop the shoot at all times, ask for change of intensity, tempo, or completely stop the shoot and leave and still get paid for the already recorded time. All participants of Absolute Victory shoots are informed of their rights and their consent and and understanding of their rights are documented, both before and after the shoot. All models appearing on Absolute Victory were over 21 years of age during filming. These records are with our custodian of records, in our office at the address listed on this page.